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Our mission is to provide quality 1 on 1 education through affordable online tutorial services using the different online platform technologies. The core competencies of our tutors are subject-based teaching based on a specific subject or topics from the student and employ the best teaching methods done online through our virtual tutoring. Discussion and interaction in between student and tutors are in a friendly and engaging manner to capture the student’s interest and develop new skills.

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Tutorial through the Web

Multiple Platforms Supported for Tutoring Online

Leap Leaning Pro supports the act of teaching and learning on multiple platforms online via material downloads or uploads. You can always access our knowledge base from any device.

Multiple Subjects Participation at the Same Time

Study for a number of subjects at the same time is possible as long as you can afford the fee and time for completing them in the proper time. Learn at your own desired timeline and timetable.

Track Study Progress & Deliver Prompt Feedback

It’s not just a normal thing to be able to build such a solid online educational system like Leap Learning Pro where your progress is easily tracked and feedback is properly delivered. We promise to keep improving our system for better stability and flexibility.